Work on an instrument begins with the selection of the appropriate materials. Only materials of the finest quality are used for instruments manufactured by Ragar Hayn: spruce from the Dolomites in northern Italy, maple from Bosnia, as well as oil varnish made on the premises following historical formulae.

Ragnar Hayn has long-standing trustworthy relationships with wood merchants and thus enjoys a plentiful supply of excellent woods. With each instrument he manufactures, Ragnar Hayn acquires new experience and expands his knowledge of tonewoods and their different sound qualities. This means his instruments are anything but random productions. They are distinguished instead by their consistently excellent quality.


Ragnar Hayn manufactures new instruments and copies of historic instruments, the original forms of which are partly reconstructed according to rediscovered methods. In doing so, professional musicians are often consulted, so that the instruments meet the high demands of their future owners, both in terms of sound quality and performance requirements. The technology employed is continually updated according to the latest historical and modern research regarding the construction of stringed instruments.


The manufacture of an instrument is only complete once the sound has been adjusted to meet the individual needs and expectations of the future owner. In this stage of the process, Ragnar Hayn invests a great deal of time in individual consultation. This ensures that the full potential of the instrument can be realised.

The consultation and sound adjustment are thus included in the purchase price. Many orchestral musicians and soloists have come to appreciate Ragnar Hayn’s deep commitment to instrument manufacture—from the beginning to the end of the creative process—and are keen to pay a visit to his workshop in the lively center of Berlin.